Memory Metal Actuator Driver V5 - MAD V5

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Shape Memory metals that were developed by NASA for the space industry, and have been used for increasing applications down on earth. For example,there have been limited studies on using these materials in robotics. They make it possible to create very light robots.
he Miga Analog Driver V5 (MAD-V5) is a MOSFET switch designed to safely power the MigaOne, Dash4, MOBI, NM706-Super, and NM70R-6P shape memory alloy actuators across a wide range of speeds or input voltages. The MAD-V5 allows either push-button control, or external GATE or CNTL signals (from 2.5 - 30V) to switch power until the actuator end-of-travel limit is reached. The MAD-V5 then cuts power momentarily, preventing overheating of the shape memory elements.

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