MSD6306PUM Multimedia IC

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MSD6306PUM is a highly integrated TV SoC solution for DVB-T digital television platform. Integrating latest
advanced technologies from MStar Semiconductor, the world leading TV SoC provider in TV industry,
MSD6306PUM provides the most cost-efficient solution for multimedia TV application with creative and attractive
features exclusively presented.

In order to achieve the lowest BOM cost in a multi-media TV platform, MSD6306PUM integrates DTV, DVB-T

demodulator, TV/multi-media all-purpose AV decoder, VIF demodulator, and advanced Sound/Video processors
into a single device. This not only reduces the overall BOM significantly, but also facilitates the design of
originally-complicated TV systems for developers. In addition, the memory-embedded solution provided by
MSD6306PUM can reduce the excessive work of memory interface routing on board and the risk of memory
performance degradation while powering cost-down in the total system.

The powerful multimedia A/V decoder inside MSD6306PUM is hosted with a dedicated hardware video codec

engine to secure fast and stable video streaming playback. Moreover, MSD6306PUM is equipped with a DSP
specifically designated for audio application, including digital audio format decoding and advanced sound effects,
and a high performance RISC CPU to manipulate all possible routines and house-keeping activities. With
extendable USB 2.0 interface, an MSD6306PUM based system can turn into a high quality media-center in a
simple manner.

MSD6306PUM supports the latest MHL technology, which allows user to stream audio and full HD video from

mobile devices to televisions. Power management and low-power design of MSD6306PUM makes it possible to
charge MHL devices even in standby mode. The MHL/HDMI dual-purpose port on MSD6306PUM will enable
charging if MHL devices are automatically detected.

For standard users, the MSD6306PUM provides multi-standard analog TV support with adaptive 3D video

decoding and VBI data extraction. The built-in audio decoder is capable of decoding FM, AM, NICAM, A2, BTSC
and EIA-J sound standards. MSD6306PUM also supplies all the necessary A/V inputs and outputs to complete a
receiver design including HDMI receivers and component video ADCs. All input selection multiplexers for video
and audio are integrated, including full SCART support with CVBS output. The equipped MStar MStarACE-6 color
engine is the latest masterpiece of MStar technologies, providing excellent video and picture quality in Full-HD and
large-scale display system. MSD6306PUM also supports an ultra low power standby mode to meet the latest
energy legislative requirements without any additional hardware.

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