PICAXE 28X2 Microcontroller (28 pin)

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PICAXE 28 pin microcontroller chip. Enhanced PICAXE28 chips with 8x memory and many additional features such as I2C bus support. Part # : AXE010x2.

PICAXE is a neat entry-level microcontroller system that is relatively cheap to get started with. The chip is programmed with a simple serial connection and the BASIC development environment is free! PICAXE has some excellent educational applications and support, and is a great entryway into more complicated embedded systems. If you\'re look for a place to start with microcontrollers, PICAXE is a great way to go!


* [Datasheet](http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/picaxe_manual1.pdf)
* [What is PICAXE?](http://www.picaxe.com/What-Is-PICAXE)

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