Really Useless Box (Microbit); RUB

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Really Useless Box for the BBC Micro:Bit

NB. BBC Micro:Bit is NOT included. 

The Really Useless Box (RUB) is a fun and quick assembly project that nevertheless allows for a lot of learning during coding. There is no soldering required and even the screwdriver is included.

The RUB kit comprises 7 circuit boards (PCBs) that screw together with the fixings provided. The main PCB has a header into which the Microbit (not included) simply slots. There are 4 Fireleds which can be independently controlled for any colour and a servo to open the box lid and toggle the switch. RUB is powered from a standard USB connection (cable and adaptor not included - use the USB output from any computer or USB charger).

Make the RUB react to toggling the switch. Move the switch to the ON position and the Really Useless Box can switch it off again.

Create random animations so you never know when the switch will be turned off.

Flash the Fireleds, or show icons on the Microbit.

The Makecode extension makes it very easy to control the servo and speeds from very slow to very fast. In Makecode select Advanced, then Extensions, then enter this URL into the search bar to select the RUB extension:

Assembly and programming details on our blog


  • Dimensions: 83 x 64 x 60mm
  • Input power: 5V micro USB connector
  • Toggle switch on Microbit Pin 0
  • Micro servo (SG90) on Microbit Pin 1
  • LEDs: 4 Fireleds on Microbit pin 2
  • NB. Power from the Microbit does not power the servo. Power is required on the micro-USB connector for the RUB in order to drive the servo

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