Romeo BLE Quad - A STM32 Robot Controller with Quad DC Motor Driver/Encoder/BLE

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Romeo BLE Quad is an arduino compatible robot controller based on STM32 ARM chip. It inherits all features from the Bluno M3, including wireless programming support, wireless communication between iOS/Android apps and remote control. Beyond this it also includes a 4-way DC motor driver and encoder interfaces. You can implement a robot with PID closed-loop feedback control directly with our TT Geared Motor.

As well as this the Romeo BLE Quad offers powerful performance thanks to the STM32 ARM 32-bit microcontroller with more storage space and more interface resources. DFRobot has developed bespoke firmware to make it compatible with Arduino IDE and accessible to beginners to robotics.

The board includes 10 digital and 5 analog I/O pins that are independent of the motor driver pins. The board also includes a series of أ¢â‚¬إ“Gravityأ¢â‚¬â€Œinterface pins that are marked with different colors to easily differentiate analog and digital I/O pins as well as including extra power and ground connections for devices. The Gravity interface is colored as follows:
  • Redindicates power
  • Black indicates ground
  • Blue indicates Analog Input Pin
  • Green indicates Digital I/O Pin
  • The Gravity interface is directly compatible with DFRobot Gravity sensors and modules. An external servo barrel jack connector supplies power for higher power devices. If you want to build your own robot, this is probably the best robot controller board available!

    Note: The Operating voltage of Romeo BLE Quad is 3.3V, please read the wiki Board Overview carefully before usage!

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