RT809F programmer + 8 Adapters + IC clip clamp +1.8V adapter VGA LCD programmer ICSP board 24 25 93 serise IC

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RT809F is much stable then EP1130B,the qaulity is much better then EP1130B,Besides,it has English version sftware. 1) Read and write 8 pin and 16 pins chips those commonly used on computer motherboard, laptop, LCD, routers and home appliances. 2)Read and write memory SPD DDR1/DDR2/DDR3 Free demolition chip, especially support 34C02 and other special part numbers. 3)Support laptop 8 pin and 14 pin password chip and battery chip (especially 24RF08/6480AR/BR9080/9016 special part numbers 4)Support all series of 24,IIC EEPROM Memory.Besides, it can automatically identify chip model from 24C01 to 24C16,Automatic identify write protection level of the 24 series' 7th pin. 5) Support all series of 25 and 26 SPI FLASH Memory,support identify the chips part number automaticly,the capacity is up to 256Mbit. 6) Support all series 93 MircroWire Memory,including Japanese special chips. 7)

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