Rubber Wheel & Motor Kit

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This is a quality pack for indoor robots especially our Home Care Robot platform, comes withط¢آ 12V Low noise DC Motor 146RPM,ط¢آ Encoder and Rubber Wheel 136ط£â€”24mm (Pair).

12V Low noise DC Motor 146RPM w/Encoder

One of our favourite customized high quality DC motor. Low noise, high torque output with optical encoder built-in. ط¢آ The optical encoder gives 663 pulse per rotation which is able to sense 0.54 degree rotation from the shaft. ط¢آ This resolutiont meets a general PID speed control requirements thus making it a great choice for robotics.ط¢آ The sturdy metal casing, and gears gives you a change at a competition robot or harsh environments where your robot might get hit from objects or people. This motor is widely used in mobile robot area and some stationary automation devices. The optical encoder is cased on a plastic top easily accesible, and with the included cable you can easily get it connected to your device.

Rubber Wheel 136ط£â€”24mm (Pair)

After testing more than 6 different rubbers on carpet, wood surface, marble surface, glass surface, we finally formed this tire with proper softness and tire surface design. The dent on the tire plays a good anti-slip effect and provide a firm grasp over the moving surface. Far better than any other tires in the market. It has been widely used on our HCR mobile robot platforms.

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