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The Radio Telemetry Kit for Pixhawk is a small, lightweight, and inexpensive open source radio platform that can allow for ranges of better than 300m out of the box. The radio uses the very popular Si1000 chipset along with the open source [SiK firmware]( This firmware allows for a simple serial cable replacement to transmit any serial data including telemetry, RTK correction data (RTCM), or simple Serial.print() statements without any configuration required.

This telemetry kit includes two radio modules, a microB USB cable, microB OTG cable, two JST-GH cables, two right-angled RP-SMA connectors, and two 915MHz antennas. Each radio module in the kit features a transmit power of 100mW, a RX sensitivity of -117dB, a full duplex transparent serial link of 57600baud and are equipped with a microB USB and UART port for easy connectivity.

Both radios have a microB connector and use the FT23x USB to serial IC making it immensely easy to pass serial data from a remote radio to a base computer or cell phone. Radios are configured using simple [AT commands]( The provided JST-GH cables make connecting to the TX/RX pins of the radio a literal snap.

In order to use the Serial Telemetry Radio Kit, you\'ll need to cut the one of the provided JST-GH cables in half and tin the ends (for insertion into Arduino headers) or solder the connections to your remote unit (rover, weather station, Arduino, etc). Plug the other module into the USB port on your base station, computer, or cell phone.

A getting started guide is included in the Documents tab to help you set up this radio link for the Pixhawk drone controller but this link can be used for any serial data transmission.


* 2x Radio Modules with Antennas
* 1x Micro USB Cable
* 1x Android OTG Adapter Cable
* 1x GH 6P-GH 4P Cable
* 1x MLX 6P-GH 4P Cable
* 2x Right-Angled RP-SMA Connectors


* 100 mW maximum output power (adjustable) -117 dBm receive sensitivity
* Open-source SIK firmware
* RP-SMA connector
* 2-way full-duplex communication through adaptive TDM UART interface
* Transparent serial link
* MAVLink protocol framing
* FT230X is a USB to BASIC UART IC
* Interchangeable air and ground modules 915 or 433MHz
* Micro-USB port
* 4-position JST-GH connector
* Supply voltage: 5V DC (from USB or JST-GH)
* Transmit current: 100mA at 20dBm
* Receive current: 25mA
* Serial interface: 3.3V UART


* [Quick Start Guide](


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