Servo - Hitec HS-85MG (Micro Size)

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This is the epitome of the phrase \"appearances can be deceiving,\" and trust us, with the Hitec HS-85MG that couldn\'t be more true. The HS-85MG is able to take in 6 volts and deliver 49 oz-in. of maximum torque at 0.14sec/60آ°, and this guy is only about the size of a bottle cap!

This high quality servo is perfect for your mechatronic needs and if you are looking to get into robotics, this is where to start. The HS-85MG servo comes standard with a 3-pin power and control cable and all hardware listed below.


* 1x HS-85MG Servo
* 1x Double Arm Micro Horn
* 1x Four Point Micro Horn
* 1x Circle Micro Horn
* 2x Rubber Grommets
* 2x 2x15mm Phillips Screw
* 2x Brass Eyelets
* 2x Servo Mount


* Voltage: 4.8-6.0 Volts
* Torque: 41.66/48.6 oz-in. (4.8/6.0V)
* Speed: 0.16/0.14 sec/60آ° (4.8/6.0V)
* Direction: Clockwise/ Pulse Traveling 1500-1900usec
* Rotation: 180آ°
* Single Ball Bearing
* 4 Metal Gears
* 3-Pole Ferrite Motor
* C1 Standard Spline* 29 x 13 x 30mm
* Wire Length: 160mm
* Weight: 21.9g


* [Datasheet](


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