SIM800C GSM/GPRS Shield V2.0

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With popularization of the concept of theInternet of things (IoT), more and more people want to know andmake their own IoT device. The common WiFi cannot satisfy the mobile application scenarios, while the emerging NB-IoT network has a limited coverage area, so the most popular 2G network becomes one of the best choices at present.
DFRobot has updated the former GSM/GPRS expansion board, using the same series SIM800C GSM/GPRS chip as Mobike, in order to provide stable and reliable IoT links. A user may send AT instruction through UART communication interface, so as to make a call, send a short message and realize GPRS remote data acquisition, etc.
SIM800C GPRS/GSM expansion board is encapsulated by Arduino standard, and can be externally connected with Arduino UNO,Leonardo and other controllers. The expansion board is externally expanded with TX&RX interface by jumper. Communication can be connected by soft serial port for convenient development. The built-in Bluetooth 3.0 wireless communication function may cooperate with mobile phone to realize point-to-point communication, and see SIM800C User Manual for more advanced features.

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