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This is the Add-On kit for the SparkFun Digital Sandbox (DS) learning platform. With this add-on you will be able to perform the final three circuit experiments found in the DS Guide book which include making an electric musical instrument, telling a motor to spin as fast as you want, and controlling a servo. This is the perfect kit if you\'ve completed everything to do with the Digital Sandbox but are looking for more!

**Note:** If you are looking for the first 13 experiments they can be found with the [Digital Sandbox]( learning platform.


* [Servo](
* [Hobby Motor](
* [RedBot Buzzer](
* [Male Header](


* [Digital Sandbox Experiment Guide](
* [Product Video](


* Circuit 14: Opto-Theremin
* Circuit 15: Serial Motoring
* Circuit 16: Servo Sweeper

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