SparkFun MicroMod DIY Carrier Kit (5 pack)

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The great thing about open source is that while SparkFun has designed our own MicroMod carrier boards, that does not stop you from creating your very own MicroMod carrier board. The MicroMod DIY Carrier Kit includes five M.2 connectors (4.2mm height), screws, and standoffs so that you can get all the special parts you may need to make your own carrier board.

MicroMod uses the common M.2 connector. This is the same connector found on modern motherboards and laptops. There are various locations for the plastic â€کkey’ on the M.2 connector to prevent a user from inserting an incompatible device. The MicroMod standard uses the â€کE’ key and further modifies the M.2 standard by moving the mounting screw 4mm to the side. The â€کE’ key is fairly common so a user could insert a M.2 compatible Wifi module but because the screw mount doesn’t align, the user would not be able to secure an incompatible device into a MicroMod carrier board.


*[MicroMod]( is a modular interface ecosystem that connects a microcontroller “processor boardâ€‌ to various “carrier boardâ€‌ peripherals. Utilizing the M.2 standard, the MicroMod standard is designed to easily swap out processors on the fly. Pair a specialized carrier board for the project you need with your choice of compatible processor!*



* 5x Machine Screws
* Phillips Head #0 (but #00 to #1 works)
* Thread: M2.5
* Length: 3mm
* 5x SMD Reflow Compatible Standoffs
* Thread: M2.5x0.4
* Height: 2.5mm
* 5x M.2 MicroMod Connectors
* Key: E
* Height: 4.2mm
* Pin count: 67
* Pitch: 0.5mm


**MicroMod Documentation:**

* [M.2 MicroMod Connector Datasheet](
* [MicroMod Reflowable Standoff Datasheet](
* [SparkFun MicroMod Interface v1.0 - Pinout](
* [SparkFun MicroMod Interface v1.0 - Pin Descriptions](
* [Getting Started with MicroMod](
* [Designing with MicroMod](
* [MicroMod Info Page](
* [MicroMod Forums](
* [SparkFun Eagle Libraries]( contains example footprints for the M.2 connector and SMD standoff


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