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The MicroView is the first chip-sized Arduino compatible module that lets you see what your Arduino is thinking using a built-in OLED display. This USB programmer connects directly to the MicroView and lets you not only program the module, but use it to interface with your computer, Rapsberry Pi, or other USB device. The programmer has both male and female headers which allow it to be plugged into a MicroView module and a breadboard at the same time, making prototyping quick and easy.

If you want to learn more about the MicroView, check out the [Kickstarter page](

**Note:** A MicroView OLED Arduino Module is **NOT** included with this USB Programmer. Check the _Recommended Products_ section below to find one!


* [Schematic](
* [Eagle Files](
* [Learn MicroView](
* [MicroView Bootloader Installation](
* [GitHub](
* [Product Video](


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