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The PicoBoard allows you to create interactions with various sensors. Using the Scratch programming language, you can easily create simple interactive programs based on the input from sensors. The PicoBoard incorporates a light sensor, sound sensor, a button and a slider, as well as 4 additional inputs that can sense electrical resistance via included cables.

Designed for educators and beginners, the PicoBoard is a good way to get into the very basics of programming and reading sensors.

Be aware that four sets of alligator clips are included, however a miniUSB cable is not included. If you don\'t already have a miniUSB cable lying around make sure to pick one up. You can find the SparkFun miniUSB cable in the _Recommended Products_ section below. The PicoBoard is a derivative work of the Scratch Sensor Board.

**Note:** Scratch 3.0 is now out, and although the PicoBoard is physically compatible, it is not currently supported. We are working to correct this.


* 1x PicoBoard
* 4x Tall Silicone Bumpers
* 4x 2.5mm Audio Cable to Dual Alligator Clip


* [Schematic](
* [Eagle Files](
* [Getting Started](
* [Using the SparkFun PicoBoard and Scratch](
* [PicoBoard Setup](
* [Scratch Download](
* [Scratch v2.0 Online Plug-In](
* [Scratch Homepage](
* [GitHub]( (Design Files & Firmware)

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