SparkFun ProDriver - Stepper Motor Driver (TC78H670FTG)

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The SparkFun ProDriver makes it easy to start developing with the TC78H670FTG bipolar stepper motor driver from Toshiba! Latch terminals provide instant solder-less connections to every feature offered. Use our extensive [Arduino Library]( with 10 examples, and you can quickly explore the many features of this precise and small package size motor driver IC.

In addition to high resolution control (down to 1/128th of a step), the ProDriver can be controlled via traditional clock-in stepping or serial commands. Both methods are demonstrated in the Arduino Library. The serial command method is especially unique in that it allows the user to precisely control the phase, torque, current limit and mixed decay ratio of each coil immediately during stepping. Most stepper motor driver ICs require using an external trimpot to set the current limit, but with the ProDriver, you can precisely adjust this via serial commands!


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