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This assortment of tools is great for those of you who need a portable tool assembly with plenty of room to add your own. We’ve found our favorite, easy to transport tools and created this kit in order to make sure that you can always be prepared even while on the go! While these tools might not be enough for more heavy duty use, they should be just what you need for a project in a pinch.

With this SparkFun Tool Kit we’ve kitted all the tools together (including a portable soldering iron due to popular demand) in our handy SparkFun Roll Up Tool Bag. This kit is great if you are wanting to go to your local hacker space but desire the ease of using your own tools.

**Note:** The Portable Soldering Iron in this kit does require two AA-sized batteries that are *not* included. Make sure to pick up a couple in order to start soldering on the go right away!


* [Roll Up Tool Bag](
* [Hakko FX-901 Cordless Soldering Iron](
* [Solder Vacuum](
* [Pocket Screwdriver Set](
* [Wire Strippers - 22-30AWG](
* [Tweezers - Straight (Cross-Lock, ESD Safe)](
* [Tweezers - Curved (ESD Safe)](
* [Hobby Knife](
* [Needle Nose Pliers](
* [Diagonal Cutters](
* [Solder Lead Free - 15g](


* [Hakko FX-901 User Manual](


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