SPI/I2C Monochrome 60x32 0.5" OLED Display for Arduino

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OCELL is a 0.5" micro OLEDط¢آ display designed for Arduino and other microcontrollers. This micro OLED display is small as the grown-up's fingernail- 0.5" only. It has 450cd/m^2 screen brightness with extremely high contrast and readability; moreover, it contains 60 x 32 independent white OLED pixels that each can be separately controlled by the driver chip. This means you can display any images and words on the screen . Except this, the spontaneous light OLED display does not require a backlight, which greatly reduces the power consumption.

The Oled screen supports SPI (Default setting ) and I2C interface. You could connect it to Ardunio micro directly without doing any PCB layout by yourself, also you could wire it to any other MCUs like STM series , 51 series and so on. It is a good choice for a DIYer to make a interesting stuff by Arduino. Also it is very convenient for a pro-engineer to quickly develop and test a project which need a tiny COOL OLED display.


Project 1:ط¢آ Get Started with 0.5" OLED Display

Do you need a really, really small OLED display Search no more, and check out this tutorial.
Hardware components:
SPI/I2C Monochrome 60x32 0.5" OLED Display for Arduino
Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO
DFRobot Arduino Jumper Cables (M/M) (65 Pack) ط¢آ  ط¢آ 

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