SRF05 ultrasonic sensor

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The latest model SRF05 Detection range of 3 cm from the original SRF04 -3 m, increased to 1 cm -4 meters. RF04 is compatible with the original. Also has smaller side lobes.ط¢آ 


Ultrasonic module can be used to identify obstructions, 1 cm -4 meters. Can be easily connected to the micro-controller, such as BASICX.ط¢آ 


The ultrasound module will be applied to the robot module. With this module, available in the sonar obstacle within the exact distance. Your robot will be able to bat-like sonar to detect by the surroundings, only a small piece of code, you can obstacles to accurate distance control your motor running, so that your robot can easily of avoiding obstacles.ط¢آ 

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