Star Series LED Strand - 100 Blue Pixels

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Light'em up! Designed for future lighting professionals and artists, these flexible LED strand can be used for projects from architectural lighting, sign letter lighting, concealed lighting, perimeter lighting amongst many other applications,ط¢آ making any design project much more pecfect and amazing.ط¢آ They are a cool and efficient way to decorate things around home, and can also function as the eye-candy of your creations.

Each strand comes with 100 LEDs, approximately 5cm per pixel. There is a DC2.1 power connector on one end of the strand, operating by 12V, you can also power it with 4AAs and our boost module.ط¢آ The copper wire is thin enough to be pliable, but sturdy enough to hold its shape.

Comes without batteries.


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