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This is a small size and cost-effective Bluetooth 5.0 digital amplifier module with a volume adjustment function. It can connect to two speakers and match a wide variety of high-power speakers (40W-200W). This board can be used as a small Bluetooth speaker when connected toRaspberry Pi or mobile phone, offering you excellent two-channel stereo sound effects. In addition, the board comes with power supply reverse connection protection, short circuit protection and so on. Bluetooth 5.0 remote control, up to 15 meters communication distance.

Stereoط¢آ Bluetoothط¢آ Amplifierط¢آ Board

Operating Instruction

After the power is turned on, the blue indicator flashes quickly, and then it enters the Bluetooth mode; After playing the Beep, it goes into the pairing mode, waiting for pairing; Turn on the Bluetooth of a phone or Raspberry Pi, "XY-P40W" (module Bluetooth name) will be searched and displayed, click "XY-P40W" to connect to the board. It connects successfully with a Beep. When the indicator is always on, you can play your music on the phone, the indicator keeps slowly blinking when playing music.


1.Keep the amplifier board as far away as possible from the WIFI signal (router).

2. 5-24VDC is recommended; upper than 26V, the chip will be burnt.

3. Input voltage can not exceed 16V when connecting to 4ط®آ© speakers, and not exceed 24V when connecting to 8ط®آ© speakers.

4.Recommended power supply current 2A at least.

5. The speaker wire should be within 1m.

6.Pay attention to electrostatic protection. Since the Bluetooth chip is very sensitive to static electricity, you must discharge the static electricity on your hand to avoid the static electricity from puncturing the chip when touching the board.

7.It is recommended to use a speaker above 40W to avoid speaker damage.

8.When the moduleأ¢â‚¬â„¢s power supply voltage is relatively low but the output power is relatively large, noise may be produced. You can reduce the volume or increase the power supply voltage to solve it.

Stereoط¢آ Bluetoothط¢آ Amplifierط¢آ Board

Stereoط¢آ Bluetoothط¢آ Amplifierط¢آ Board

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