TECMAN TM810M Mini 1.4" LCD Digital Sound Level Meter w/ Microphone - Light Grey + Dark Grey + Black

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Brand: TECMAN; Model: TM810M; Quantity: 1; Color: Light grey + dark grey + black; Material: ABS; Features: Meets IEC651 TYPE2 standard and ANSI S1.4 TYPE2 standard; 1.4" LCD; Measuring range: 30~130dBA; Accuracy: +/-1.5dB; 4bits; Frequency response: 31.5Hz~8.5KHz; Sampling frequency: twice/s; Microphone: 1/2" capacitive microphone; Fast / slow shift; Auto backlight; Manual / auto poweroff; Powered by 1 x 9V battery; Application: Suitable for noise engineer, quality control, healthy protection and various environmental noise monitor, such as engineering, school, hospital, mall, theater, office, traffic, home and speaker, etc; Packing List: 1 x Mini sound level meter1 x 9V battery1 x Chinese user manual;

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