TFmini-S LiDAR(ToF) Laser Range Sensor

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The TFmini-S LiDAR is an unidirectional laser range finder based upontime-of-flight (ToF) technology. It consists of special optical and electronic devices, which integrates adaptive algorithm forindoor and outdoor application environment. It has tiny body and high performance in distance measurement.ط¢آ 

The laser sensor can be used as a distance-measuring tool to detect the distance from it to obstacles. It can also be used as an eye of a robot; it provides distance information for robotic safe avoidance and route selection. It supports for system automation in a variety of machine control scenarios. Because of its small size, light weight and low power consumption, it is also suitable for altitude hold quad-copters and terrain following.

Figure 1: TFmini-S Optical Stimulation Light Path

The maximum detection distance of TFmini-S is 12 meters. FOV of 2 degrees. Its anti-interference is strong, and can work in outdoor light; the overall weight is 4.7g.

Measurement range schematic diagram

TFmini-S LiDAR adopts UART (TTL) / I2C communication interface, can supplied by standard 5V, and its average power consumption is 0.6w. It can be compatible with a variety of Arduino controllers. With the DFRobot Gravity IO Expansion Shield, Arduino can be plugged in directly without additional wiring.

It can be easily integrated into the system when used with the Arduino library developed by DFRobot.

Arduino TFmini-S Connection Diagram
distance meter and obstacle detector with a mini td LiDAR (ToF) Laser and arduino

Getting Started with LIDAR

  • The product may be invalid when probing objects with high reflectivity, such as mirrors and smooth tiles.
  • When there are transparent objects, such as glass and water, between the product and the tested object, it may become invalid.
  • Do not touch the circuit board with your bare hands. If necessary, please wear an electrostatic wristband or antistatic gloves.
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