Tilt Compensated Magnetic Compass (CMPS12)

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The CMPS12 is our 4th generation tilt compensated compass. Employing a 3-axis magnetometer, a 3-axis gyro and a 3-axis accelerometer. At the core of the module is the superb BNO055 running algorithms to remove the errors caused by tilting of the PCB. Power supply requirements are flexible, you can feed between 3.3 - 5v and the module draws a nominal 18mA of current. A choice of serial or I2C interfaces can be used for communication.

Overview of outputs
Heading, 16 bit: 2 outputs, one calculated by Bosch and one by us
Heading, 8 bit: 0-255 scaled for simpler requirements
Pitch: +/- 0-90ط¢آ° or +/- 0-180ط¢آ°
Roll: +/- 0-90ط¢آ°
Temperature: current temperature of the BNO055 in ط¢آ°c
Raw sensor outputs: 3 x 16 bit integers for each of the Magnetometer,accelerometer and gyro

SEN0183 - Mode selection
Mode selection

Serial or I2C mode is easily selected with the state of the mode pin. Note the CMPS12 looks at the mode selection pin at power-up only.

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