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Add touch and proximity sensing to your interactive project with the Touch Board.

The Touch Board is a microcontroller board with 12 capacitive touch and proximity electrodes, so you can use it to turn any material or surface into a sensor. Extend each of the Touch Board’s electrodes using Electric Paint or other conductive materials to create sensors on a range of objects or substrates. The base of the Touch Board is completely level, so you can easily attach it onto any flat surface.

The Touch Board has an MP3 decoder and MIDI synthesizer, so you can use it as a USB mouse or keyboard, or as a USB serial port or USB MIDI device. It has a 3.5mm audio jack and micoSD cardholder and comes with a 128MB microSD card.

The Touch Board is based on the Arduino Leonardo and uses the ATmega32U4, running at 16MHz and 5V. You can reprogram it using the Arduino IDE and a micro USB cable. The Touch Board also has a JST connector for an external LiPo battery, a power switch and a reset button.

1 x Touch Board
1 x microSD card

Not included: Micro USB cable

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