WELLER WSD81I Soldering station

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Digital Soldering Station - WSD 81i This smart and efficientdigital power unit combines ease of operation with value for money and maximum This Weller soldering station has a high power output of 80 Watt. The WSD 81i offers digital adjustment options that make it easy and accurate to set up. The name Weller has been associated with high quality for many years now. The temperature of the soldering station can be set to 2% accuracy. The temperature range is adjustable from 50 to 450°C. The soldering iron has an "Energy saving mode" which saves energy and extends the lifetime of the soldering tip. In addition, the device is ESD safe and also safe to use thanks to the low voltage that powers the iron. This soldering station is delivered with a separate iron stand, where the soldering iron can be safely put. Due to its capacitance of 80 Watt, the soldering tip gets heated up very fast and can easily be soldered with it. This power is more than enough to heat medium sized surfaces easily. Specifications: Soldering power 80 Watt Temperature 150 - 450 °C Temperature precision ± 9 °C Temperature stability ± 5 °C ESD safe. Yes Display LED

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