Wireless Charging Module 5V/5A

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This wireless charging module, composed of transmitting and receiving ends, can transfer energy through medias such as air, paper, or plastic. Based on أ¢â‚¬إ“magnetic-coupled resonanceأ¢â‚¬â€Œ technology and high-current wireless supply chip, it can achieve the energy transfer with minimal consumption.

The module can realize long-distance transmission of 65mm with a maximum output of 5V/5A and up to 97% efficiency. It can provide very stable performance even under long working hours. Due to the non-contact charging design, the module can be completely sealed for being waterproof and dustproof, thus extending its service life and making it more convenient to use.

The module can be used in mobile electronic products such as phones, game console, digital cameras, and shavers, or even to replace the existing charging mode of intelligent vehicles and UAVs to achieve wireless charging.


1. Do not inversely connect the input power supply of the transmitting end.

2. Do not short-circuit the output load-line of the receiving end.

3. Do not place any large metal objects near the coil.

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