Xcelite Ergonomic Screwdriver Set (6pcs)

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The Xcelite Ergonomic Screwdriver Set provides six different screwdrivers, each featuring a shockproof ergonomic soft inner core and handle. Utilizing Xcelite\'s own Ergonicآ® handles, each screwdriver in this set conforms to your hand to provide great comfort and reduce torque loss to provide you with a fantastic slip-resistant tool! The set includes two Phillips head and four flathead screwdrivers.

The screwdrivers in this set have been equipped with durable, satin-finished chrome molybdenum steel shafts with black-treated tips that help to eliminate light reflection while in use. Additionally, these screwdrivers have a shatterproof seamless-handle cap, just in case you accidentally drop them.


* 1x 1/8\" Flat Screwdriver
* 1x 3/16\" Flat Screwdriver
* 1x 1/4\" Flat Screwdriver
* 1x 5/32\" Flat Screwdriver
* 1x Phillips #1 Screwdriver
* 1x Phillips #2 Screwdriver

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